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UPDATE: Is this really the end of Oprah's Book Club?

Last week’s issue of Publishers Weekly ran what was essentially an obituary to Oprah’s Book Club.

I still don’t understand why people are assuming that the Book Club is ending just because Oprah’s talk show is ending. My last post explains in detail why I believe this to be a misconception, and it spurred some discussion amongst my fledgling readership. I’d love to continue the conversation, and perhaps get to bottom of this issue.

I’m operating, of course, under the assumption that there has been no announcement about the end of Oprah’s Book Club.

Am I missing something?

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3 comments to UPDATE: Is this really the end of Oprah's Book Club?

  • John Osborne

    You know, Chris, I guess I too assumed the book club was ending when the show ends, as well. Then again, it’s one thing to idly think something, and something quite different altogether to assume something while wearing a journalist’s hat and then editorializing on the subject.

    I have to wonder if anyone has even ASKED the question…

  • It could be one of those ironic events. When O has more free time to read she just may be able to promote books even more. I don’t think her voice and influence on what gets read will disappear anytime soon. But what do I know?

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