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"Real careers are built stepwise."

I want to share an excerpt from Jofie Ferrari-Adler’s interview with Jonathan Galassi, part of the brilliant Agents & Editors series in Poets & Writers. Mr. Galassi is the president and publisher of Farrar, Straus & Giroux.

If you agree with what Mr. Galassi is saying below, you’re the type of writer I want to work with. . . . → Read More: "Real careers are built stepwise."

Books Are Great Gifts

Last year for Christmas, I bought everyone in my family a book and it was a great experience. The trick is not to give them something you like, but something they will like. It forces you to really consider your loved ones’ interests, as opposed to thinking along the lines of what they “need” (new socks, a tea kettle, etc.) . . . → Read More: Books Are Great Gifts

UPDATE: Is this really the end of Oprah's Book Club?

Last week’s issue of Publishers Weekly ran what was essentially an obituary to Oprah’s Book Club.

I still don’t understand why people are assuming that the Book Club is ending just because Oprah’s talk show is ending. My last post explains in detail why I believe this to be a misconception, and it spurred some discussion amongst my fledgling readership. I’d love to continue the conversation, and perhaps get to bottom of this issue.

I’m operating, of course, under the assumption that there has been no announcement about the end of Oprah’s Book Club.

Am . . . → Read More: UPDATE: Is this really the end of Oprah's Book Club?

Is this really the end of Oprah's Book Club?

Late last Thursday night, The Wall Street Journal implied that the end of The Oprah Winfrey Show is, to the publishing industry, a nuclear bomb set to detonate on 9/9/11.

Now, setting aside this absurd metaphor, which GalleyCat weighed in on Monday morning—has anyone out there even heard for certain that Oprah’s Book Club will end with Oprah’s daily talk show? . . . → Read More: Is this really the end of Oprah's Book Club?

Book Bloggers Rock!

Book bloggers are wonderful people who are adding something of great value, as their primary goal in blogging is to promote the exchange of ideas, which is the oft-overlooked soul of publishing. . . . → Read More: Book Bloggers Rock!

Scared of the Query

There’s no doubt that query letters can be a major source of anxiety, but they’re a necessary part of the process of getting your work published (if you decide not to self-publish, of course). The best thing you can do is educate yourself, and then try to stay calm. I believe that good work will shine through a marginal query in most cases. . . . → Read More: Scared of the Query

Getting Started

Thanks to Patrick Egan for posting the first comment on this blog!

Patrick: “I am about halfway finished with the first draft of a fiction novel, and have neither an agent, nor publisher, (I know ~ lucky me, huh?). One question I have is, at what point should I begin the hunt? Do I wait until I have a final draft that I am comfortable to present, or should I start earlier, pitching the idea before the novel is fully written?”

A great question, and certainly a common concern for aspiring writers.  Non-fiction projects are often submitted when . . . → Read More: Getting Started


I envision this blog as a place to communicate with writers, as well as my colleagues in the publishing industry. . . . → Read More: Introduction

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